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How using digital cleaning management enhances patient care

Sunderland Royal Hospital, located in the North East of England, is one of the largest hospitals in the region with over 900 beds and over 6,000 staff. The hospital is constantly striving to improve the care it provides to patients and one of the ways it has achieved this is by moving away from a paper-based system to MyCleaning, a digital reactive cleaning management system.

The hospital now has real-time monitoring of reactive cleaning activities, making it easier to ensure that all areas are being cleaned to the required standards. Helping to reduce the spread of infection and improve overall cleanliness.

Glen Robinson, Hotel Services Manager at CHoICE Facilities Services, said “Things have dramatically improved in terms of communication between the response team, the supervisors and the bed management team. Although those work collectively, having an electronic tool there with information at a touch of a button has sped things up and allowed us to review information quicker, review the data at the end of the month quicker and know where we need to have our team at certain times of the day”.

The new system has made it easier to access data and identify areas that may require additional attention. This can allow for more targeted cleaning efforts and help to improve overall efficiency.

Rachael Hutchinson, Deputy Head of Facilities, said “We can now look at our resources and plan ahead for cleans. Know themes and trends we didn’t have before”.

Benedict Okundaye, Domestic Supervisor, said “There’s less time spent trying to find a domestic to carry out a particular task and that has actually helped our customer satisfaction a great deal”.

The move to a digital system has been a positive step for Sunderland Royal Hospital. It has improved cleaning standards, increased efficiency, and is helping the hospital to provide better care to its patients. This is an excellent example of how technology can be used to improve healthcare facilities and provide better outcomes for patients.

Watch the full video to see their experience of MyCleaning and its full impact within Sunderland Royal Hospital.

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