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National MyCleaning Awards 2024 Highlights

Experience the excitement and celebration at the National MyCleaning Awards 2024! Watch the winners shine on the national stage. 

The ultimate reactive cleaning tool, simplified.


Real-time visibility of all reactive cleans and their status. 

Helps you to prioritise cleans and resource.

Improves patient flow through faster bed turnaround. 

Improves efficiency, allowing you to do more with the same resource. 

Complete task planning and trend reporting makes your job easier and the cleaning process complete.

Cleaning management software

In Action

Stepping Hill Hospital saves 24 hours per month by reducing incorrect infection clean requests 

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Glen Robinson,  Hotel Service Manager

"I think things have dramatically improved in terms of communication between the response team, the supervisors and the bed management team"

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Have the visibility of reactive cleans, the data and the evidence to hand at a touch of a button 

No more chasing for answers.

Full visibility for IPC & Bed Management.

Stakeholders can have answers within seconds.

Statistics, data and answers for any department at the touch of a button.

Full task history timeline - review date and time stamped of each task, giving you the details to resolve any queries or complaints. 

Cleaning management solution


We celebrate you,
here to support you every step of the way.

We provide healthcare heroes with the tools to make a difference

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MyCleaning isn't just about getting the best out of your Domestic Services. Improving patient flow through efficiency and visibility of cleaning status for IPC and Bed Management teams, means bed turnaround times are reduced.

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